First quarter recap

First quarter recap

This year is already off to a great start! We're constantly improving our platform, and this past quarter was no different. Since January 1st, we've already deployed improvements nearly 50 times, releasing a host of new features and bug fixes.

Much of our focus has been on completing and refining the beta Admin Portal—the future replacement for the Admin Control Panel. As you'll see below, we made a considerable amount of progress on that front these last three months.

We also introduced several enhancements that are sure to delight. Keep reading to discover what we were up to last quarter.

📢 Communications in beta Admin Portal

Screenshot of communications section

The communications section is the latest to be fully rebuilt and modernized in the beta Admin Portal. A considerable amount of back end redesigning had to take place to complete this section. It's now easier for us to maintain, more performant, and more resilient.

If you're keeping track, that leaves just two unfinished areas in the beta Admin Portal (the billing section and the dashboard), and significant progress has already been made on both!

❗️ Warning before navigating away

Warning notification for modified forms

Have you ever accidentally lost changes by navigating away from a form before submitting it? Most people probably have, and it's not a great feeling. To help avoid this, we updated the beta Admin Portal to warn users before they navigate away from a page if they've made a large enough number of unsaved changes.

🇰🇾 Support for the Cayman Islands

Flag for the Cayman Islands

We've expanded our supported countries to now include the Cayman Islands, allowing members to save addresses located in this country to their accounts. Additionally, communities located in the Cayman Islands can now use our service.

📨 Notifications for verification issues

In addition to displaying a warning notice in the online payments section, our system will now proactively email administrators in the rare case that we detect an issue verifying any details we collect for the online payments platform.

⚡️ Streamlined deposit account verification

In the rare event that a community’s deposit account for online payments requires additional verification by our payment processing partner, our interface will now collect the required document automatically—instead of needing to go through our customer success team.

🍀 Support for Google Analytics 4

We now support the new "measurement ID" provided by Google Analytics 4, in addition to the "tracking ID" provided by earlier versions of Google Analytics. The new ID looks similar to the old ID, but starts with "G-" instead of "UA-". This improvement is exclusive to the beta Admin Portal.

🖋 Blog posts

Did you know about our website review service? If not, you can learn all about it in the latest blog post co-written by Meredith & Cass. This post is part of our Feature Spotlight topic, where we highlight how to effectively use features on our platform.

Wrapping up

Wow, what a quarter! Our team is particularly excited by how close we are to completing the beta Admin Portal. Plus, we're already working to add support for additional countries, as requested by users.

As always, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, watch our changelog, and read our blog for all the latest happenings here at HOA Express.

Until next time.