5 steps to crafting an engaging announcement email

5 steps to crafting an engaging announcement email

One of the best ways to drive member engagement to your website is by utilizing announcement emails for the calendar, survey, and online payment features! These notification blast emails can be sent anytime to bring awareness to a specific event or available surveys and online payment options. 

In today’s world of countless emails being sent daily by brands, social media, and businesses, it’s essential that your community’s announcement stands out in someone’s crowded inbox. Therefore, we’ve compiled 5 best practices for crafting an engaging announcement email that will encourage your recipients to open the message and take the next actionable step! 

Create a hook

The first step to crafting an engaging announcement email is to have an eye-catching preheader or “hook.” This is the first text included in the message and appears next to the subject line in the preview of the email in the inbox. While this may seem like an insignificant part of the message, it gives the recipient a glimpse of what the content includes and can intrigue them to click on the message to learn more.

A good preheader provides key details, builds curiosity, and creates a sense of urgency. For instance, if you’re announcing an upcoming event where members must RSVP, you could write something like, “Don’t miss out on our annual holiday party—RSVP while spots are still available!” In the case you’re announcing a survey, you could use a preheader like, “Don't miss your chance to provide valuable feedback to our community—complete the survey now!” 

Make it personal

The best way to prevent your community emails from being marked as spam is to add a personal element. By default, the announcements are set up to address the recipient by name. In addition, adding a short note to the beginning of the announcement will convey to your members that you’ve taken the time to craft a personalized message to them, increasing the importance of the email. Below are a few examples of inclusive phrases you could include: 

  • “We’re looking forward to seeing you at the next meeting!”
  • “We can’t wait to taste the delicious dishes you bring to our potluck!”
  • “Don’t forget to wear your ugliest Christmas sweater!”

We also recommend including your community’s name and other important details in your announcement email. This helps your members easily identify who and where the email is coming from.

Be concise

The saying “keep it short and sweet" applies to most types of emails, especially announcements. Long tangents, rambling thoughts, and non-essential details could result in the member exiting the email before taking the encouraged action! 

So cut out any fluff and only include the necessary information (e.g., essential details and instructions). Remember, this email should be easy for members to skim and encourage them to take the next step: visiting your website to view an event, RSVP, take a survey, or make an online payment. 

Add visuals

If applicable, adding an image to the body of your announcement email can also help create an engaging announcement email! Since people are typically drawn more to images than text, they can help users further relate to the message’s content by giving them insight into the purpose of the announcement at a glance. Below is an example of how that could look:

Offer an incentive

A great way to increase the clickthrough rate of your announcement email is by offering an incentive! When people are offered a gift, discount, or insider information in exchange for taking a specific action, they're more likely to engage with the provided link. 

One example of an incentive to consider including in your future announcement emails is to enter community members who RSVP for an announced event or respond to a survey in a raffle to win a prize (e.g., a restaurant gift certificate). When announcing a payment option for a specific event or expense, you could also provide a discounted rate to members who pay before a specific date—encouraging them to click the link in the announcement email as soon as possible! 

Wrapping up

Providing important information via the announcement emails on your website keeps your community interested and informed. Implementing these 5 tips can increase your engagement with your members and serve as a helpful reminder of what's happening in your community.

For more tips on using this and other features available on your website, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer success team