When to choose a page editor vs. the pages privilege

When to choose a page editor vs. the pages privilege

The pages on your website are a key element and most often hold important community information. Therefore, as an administrator, it’s essential you know your options when it comes to appointing others to manage them.

To aid you in this decision process, we’ve laid out the differences between “page editors” and those with the “pages” privilege for you below.

Page editors

The page editor feature offers more flexibility in that this option allows you to assign individuals to manage specific pages without granting them administrative access to all pages. This can be a great way to incorporate a trusted individual to handle certain tasks such as reservations on your calendar page. Adding page editors to manage certain pages can also lessen the burden for the administrator overseeing all pages.

Another great way to make use of this option is to add a recipient of a form page as a page editor. This way, they can manage the elements of the form in addition to handling the emails they receive from the form page.

Below is a play-by-play of how to add page editors to any of your pages:


“Pages” privilege

Adding the “pages” privilege to a resident’s account will give them the ability to manage every detail of any page. This includes aspects such as modifying content, adding and deleting pages, creating and removing folders, and re-arranging the pages.

This option can come in handy when the current administrator is planning to be out for a bit and will need a backup to manage things until they return. It’s also helpful to arm at least one other trusted individual with this privilege to divide the responsibilities and time it takes to manage pages.

Below is an animated GIF demonstrating how to grant a resident the “pages” privilege:


Wrapping up

These two options provide you the flexibility to select what level of access works best for your community’s needs. Depending on your community’s unique circumstances, appointing specific people to help manage pages can ensure content remains up-to-date and organized.