Boost your community website; not your community budget

Boost your community website; not your community budget

Building an amazing community website doesn’t have to take a huge slice out of your community budget. We believe that instituting a well-rounded budget paves the way to a successful community.

It's this idea of balance that continues to drive us towards offering a low cost, high impact solution for your community website. With a plethora of features available, you're sure to build an impressive website for all to enjoy!

Get the most for your website by exploring some of our popular features.

Resident engagement

Keeping residents engaged is an important aspect of designing a community website. Incorporate pages designed for residents to join in by adding these page types:

  • Residents alert page to blast emergency information to neighbors.
  • Forum page to get residents talking.
  • Calendar to post upcoming events.
  • Recipe page for all to share and try favorite recipes.
  • Garage sale and classifieds page to help residents advertise and sell items within their own community.

Adding platforms such as these is a great way for residents to stay involved!

Captivate residents

Turn resident’s attention towards their own community with these simple tips.

Showcase neighbors and record memories for all to keep by adding photo galleries. By adding photo galleries you’re able to publish these moments easily and in one location. Also, people love snapping photos and sharing them with others. Capture these photos by tying in the ability for residents to upload their own photos on at least one of your photo gallery pages.

Additionally, display contact information for the various networks within your community by adding directories for residents, pets, board members, and committees.


There’s no need to register and pay for third-party services. We’ve got you covered with many additional features that will save you the hassle of separate third-party accounts.

Save residents' time and collect payments with our all inclusive online payments system. Set up custom domains, branded-email accounts, and get the facts about your site with our built-in analytics section. Quickly and easily send custom emails to everyone within your community with our blast email tool.

Wrapping up

Building a unique experience for your community with your website shouldn’t need an over-the-top budget or be complicated.

Increase resident’s involvement and keep your community informed easily with your community website, even on the smallest of budgets.

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